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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try this out?

YES! You can try it out for a full 7 days. If you decide that the Social Media Hub won’t work for your business just cancel your subscription before the 7-day trial is up. If you’re like most of our customers, you’re going to LOVE it and decide it’s the best value for money you ever spent. Once your 7-day trial is up your card will be charged the monthly fee.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No way. You can choose to sign up for a monthly subscription. You’re free to cancel at any time. Should you choose to cancel, you’ll still have access through the end of that billing period.

How often is new content created?

Every month fresh content and new images are loaded into the Social Media Hub dashboard, and you’ll always be able to access two months’ worth of content at a time. For example, on March 1st, all the content for April will be loaded into the dashboard. You will then have access to all content for March and April. We do this to help out our fellow type-A planners who prefer to schedule their posts in advance.

How long do I have access to the content?

Each time we load new content into the Social Media Hub dashboard we will remove one months’ worth of old content. For example, on March 1st we will load all the April content and remove all the February content. But don’t worry. As long as you load the February Images into your Canva account (we’ll show you how to do this once you join), you can access the February content forever.

What social media channels will the content work for?

Whether you’re making a traditional social media post, creating a story, or going live to your audience, the done-for-you content and post prompts will work great for:
  • Instagram posts, stories, and Reels
  • Facebook posts, stories, groups, or live videos
  • LinkedIn posts and live videos
  • ​Twitter posts
  • ​TikTok videos
  • ​Snapchat videos

Can I customize the designs and images?

Absolutely! You can edit the images in, a free, online design tool. If you want to add your logo or URL, or tweak the colors or text, a few quick changes in Canva and you’ll be ready to post! In fact, we do recommend businesses to do their own changes on top of our designs to have their own unique identity on social media channels. And if you’re not sure how to do it, don't worry, a free tutorial will be included when you sign up for the Social Media Hub.

If this content is already done for me, how will it work for my unique business?

The Social Media Hub was designed for small businesses in a variety of industries. So, whether you’re a fitness professional, life coach, marketeer, health and wellness professional, real estate agent, photographer, food blogger, or an insurance agent, the content will help you build and engage your social media following. Plus, your simple-but-powerful customization of the posts allows the content to speak to your specific readers while making your content unique.

All the content and the plans are designed to work for any business in any niche market. We have customers in vastly different industries who find it beneficial for their social media channels.

If you’re still not sure, we suggest you take advantage of our free 7-day trial. 

Is the content available in multiple languages?

Absolutely! We do offer content in English and Arabic to cater for the Arab World. Social Media Hub is the First Social Media Content Done-For-You in both languages. 
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